How to improve your product registration rates

Want to build brand loyalty?

Then improving your product registration rates should be your focus.

When your customers complete a product registration online and learn about what they bought, they are more likely to use the product and return to buy more from your brand. So, what’s the secret?

How can you improve product registration rates?

We’ve devised four ways to improve your registration rates in the article below.

Four Ways to Improve Your Product Registrations

1. Make It Easy for Customers to Register their Product

One survey of over 500 consumers revealed that people like registering their products but don’t enjoy the effort required to do it.

If your customers have to jump thru hoops to register your product, they’ll opt out before they finish the process.

So, simplify product registration.

How do you do that?

  • Make product registration mobile-friendly. Eliminate mail-in paper registration forms with a mobile app like the ones we develop for brands.

  • Use QR Codes. Your app should be easy to navigate and link to your product packaging so customers can easily register their items, and a QR Code is an excellent way to do this.

  • Start Small & Use gamification to Capture More Info. To get customers started, ask for their names and email. Then, as they use the app, they get gamified elements like quizzes and games to get more information from them.

2. Don’t Skimp On The Value of Your Registration

Next up, consider the value you offer in return for their information.

Since your customers are willing to put in some effort, so should you. Clearly explain what registration is and what they get out of it before they sign up. Is it a warranty? No. Is it wrong not to register your product? Should I expect a ton of junk mail and notifications? No.

What do they get? They get direct access to customer support, updates about the product, and safety information.

Make it enticing to register your product but also make it clear on what that means for them.

3. Create Registration that Improves Ownership of Your Product

No matter how easy you make registration, it still requires time and effort from your client. It’s your job to create a process that improves ownership, too.

To increase ownership, infuse education and discounts with the registration process. Turn customers into brand advocates who are excited about your product by giving them exclusive insights. Take them behind the scenes and show them how you make your items. You can also invite them to exclusive events.

The only limit to engaging customers is your imagination!

4. Use Product Registration To Improve The Onboarding Process

Make your first impression unforgettable. Use your product registration process to engage customers with your brands on the first go around. Control what your customers think about you by creating a personalized onboarding experience where they get to learn how to use your product’s features and aren’t left scratching their heads about how to use it.

Not only does this help your customers maximize their experience with your product, but it also cuts costs on customer support, etc., for you!

Key Takeaways

  • It should be easy to register.
  • It should come with value.
  • It should improve ownership.
  • It should enhance the onboarding process.

Make the most out of product registrations by using these tips. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help simplify product registration for your customers.