What is after-sales service?

After-sales service, also known as after-sales service, covers any service a company offers customers after they make a purchase.

Smart business owners understand the power of following up with customers after they make a purchase.

And statistics back them up.

According to Gartner, if customers have a positive interaction during and after a purchase, 82% of them will repurchase or renew when given a chance to switch to a competitor.

So, what does the best after-sales service look like?

Benefits of After-Sales Service

There are two primary benefits of offering after-sales service:

1). It strengthens customer loyalty.

2). It maximizes your product’s value for customers.

Unfortunately, some business owners overlook the after-sales process entirely. Instead, they move on to the next new batch of customers and abandon those they’ve worked hard to secure.

And it makes sense since marketing is often about attracting new customers, not retaining the ones you have. The problem is a lack of aftersales care leaves customers feeling left out in the cold, giving them no reason to build brand loyalty.

The other problem with a lack of after-sales service is it reduces the value customers receive from your product.

A deadly cycle can occur if you don’t provide follow-up product information, ask your customers questions about their experience, or just ensure they’re satisfied. More time and money are inv ested in the pre-sales experience than the post-sales experience, causing your customers to feel like you don’t care about them.

The bottom line is poor after-sales service leaves a bad taste in your customer’s mouth, reduces repeat sales, and prevents you from building a professional brand.

So, how can you change the tide?

By instituting after-sales services.

Types of After-Sales Service

Product Registration

It’s simple to do when you have the right software (link), but product registration makes it easy to stay in touch with your customers after their purchase. Give your customers an easy way to register your product and use it to follow up with their satisfaction and inform them about any changes to your business.


Should you offer a warranty to customers, you’ll need to contact them about the warranty. Make it clear what you offer them, help them register the product to maximize their warranty, and inform them how to reach you if there is an issue. These simple steps make customers feel cared for, which helps build brand loyalty.

Product Training

Another type of after-sales service is product or service training. Perhaps you offer a software service. You can reach out to your client to schedule training or create a downloadable course to guide them through all the features you offer. Customize your messaging based on what you offer and set your client’s up for success with post-purchase training.

Upgrade Offers

Letting your clients know when their device needs to be repaired or how to upgrade it when it’s eligible is another form of after-sales support. There are countless applications for upgrade offers, but informing your customers is an excellent way of showing them you care about their business.

Win Repeat Customers with Better After-Sales Service

Your customers want to get the most out of their investment. Help them by providing support with product registrations, warranties, and claims.

It should never be confusing to use your service or product. Even if you can only offer one or two of the aforementioned after-sales services, know that it will help keep customers happy and win repeat business.

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