Why product registration matters - The inside scoop

Product registration is an important customer service tool for retailers.

It makes offering a product warranty easier and comes with a slew of other benefits for both retailers and consumers.

Let’s take a closer look at what product registration is and why it matters.

What is Product Registration?

Product registration by customers helps manufacturers communicate critical information about product updates or recommendations, existing warranties, usage and maintenance problems, or even ensure they can notify customers about product recalls and safety warnings.

Once a product is purchased, customers can voluntarily register their product with the manufacturer. This ensures information can be imparted to customers easily.

Why Do People Prefer Product Registration?

The average consumer wants to register their products. A survey conducted by the University of Michigan discovered that people want to register their products. In fact, 78% said they were more likely to register expensive products. Another 31% of them said that they always or usually register their purchases.

Product registration enables consumers to have some confidence in the product they purchased and its future usage. Also, it creates an interactive experience with consumers allowing them to better enjoy the product they purchased.

Another reason consumers prefer registration as an option is that it instills confidence in the reliability of the product.

But let’s take a closer look at what other benefits are associated with product registration.

What Are The Benefits of Product Registration?

The Benefits to Consumers

-They get special offers

Product registration often comes with a discount on a future purchase. Consumers love discounts, making product registration a big bonus for most!

-They get peace of mind

Once a consumer registers their product, they also get peace of mind knowing that they will be notified if and when the product is recalled or has some other issue pop up.

-It makes it easier to fix the item if needed

If a product is damaged or has another issue, the consumer can easily send it back to the manufacturer for repairs.

The Benefit to Retailers

-The ability to influence product decisions

Customer data garnered from product registration makes it easier for retailers to influence consumers’ future purchases.

-Helps guide future marketing campaigns

The data collected via registration helps isolate demographics and build future marketing materials around their preferences.

-Streamlines communication

Important information that needs to be communicated to consumers is made much easier with product registration. Once a consumer registers their product, they can easily get important info from the manufacturer through that stream of communication.

-It serves as a method of customer services

Most product registration processes also come with some sort of support for consumers. This is simply good practice for customer service.

It Comes With A Guarantee

Depending on the product and the manufacturer, the product registration process also comes with a product guarantee. That guarantee is sometimes a warranty, but it gives retailers a chance to offer their customers a guarantee that gives them confidence in the product and a good feeling about the brand.

Are You a Retailer Interested in Product Registration?

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